Marcelline Mukeshimana - Rwanda

Birth Year: 2008

Marcelline was born on July 31, 2008. She is in the second grade and is a good student. Her father died in 2012 and she lives with her mother Justine. They attend Pastor Sostene's church where Marcelline enjoys attending Sunday School. Her favorite color is yellow. He likes to eat rice with beef. Her prayer request is that God would protect her because she is infected with HIV/AIDS. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. This is the second year she has been a part of Reaching Generations.  

How our sponsorships work

  • A child is sponsored for $25 per month. Billing reoccurs once per month.
  • As a sponsor you receive a profile on your child including their picture, vital details, story, and a little country history.
  • During the year you receive an update on your sponsored child and a newsletter twice a year to keep you up to date on Reaching Generations news.
  • By sponsoring an orphan you authorize Reaching Generations to bill your credit card monthly for the sponsorship. You may discontinue this support at any time by notifying Reaching Generations.


Amount: $25.00
Marcelline Mukeshimana - Rwanda Marcelline Mukeshimana - Rwanda