Manzi Irakoze - Rwanda

Birth Year: 2013

Manzi was born in 2013.  Manzi's father died in July 2013 in a car accident.  He lives with his mother Aurelie.  They attend Pastor Francois' church in Kigali every week.  

How our sponsorships work

  • A child is sponsored for $25 per month. Billing reoccurs once per month.
  • As a sponsor you receive a profile on your child including their picture, vital details, story, and a little country history.
  • During the year you receive an update on your sponsored child and a newsletter twice a year to keep you up to date on Reaching Generations news.
  • By sponsoring an orphan you authorize Reaching Generations to bill your credit card monthly for the sponsorship. You may discontinue this support at any time by notifying Reaching Generations.


Amount: $25.00